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Dear Friends and Supporters:
As you’re probably already aware, has teamed up with the folks behind the new PBS Documentary – Default: The Student Loan Documentary – on a new online photo journal project called

There, people from all walks of life, from recent grads to people in their 60s and beyond, are courageously sharing their student loan horror stories for all the world to see, in an effort to put human faces on the ever-growing student loan debt crisis in America.

Those who have been following the efforts of for nearly 3 years now are fully aware of the devastating toll these enormous debts have on not only ourselves, but our families, friends, and neighbors.  Unfortunately, those who are personally unaffected by the student loan debt crisis are mostly unaware of the gross inequities and predatory practices that are standard operating procedures for the student lending industry and that’s why we’ve decided to embark on this educational campaign to demonstrate exactly why we’re engaged in this fight to restore sanity to the way in which we fund higher education in this country.
If you haven’t already participated, now’s a great time to submit your photo, story, poem, work of art or any other visual demonstration of your student loan debt and the negative affect it has on your life.  You don’t have to share your name or even show your face – how you participate is completely up to you, but please participate in some way, shape or form!

You can also help spread the word by posting links to on your Facebook profiles, tweeting about it (use the hashtag #OccupyStudentDebt), sending emails to your friends and families about it, or any other way you choose to help educate our fellow Americans about this looming crisis that poses just a great a threat to our fragile economy as the housing bubble.

Thank you, as always, for your dedication to the cause.  Without your support and active participation, this crisis will only get worse.  Our number one priority is to educate the public about why student loan debt matters and why something must be done to address it before it’s too late! Participating in is a great way to accomplish just that.

All my best,
December 10, 2011 by Robert Applebaum
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