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Fionn Regan – Be Good or Be Gone

Fionn Regan – Be Good or Be Gone

  In a previous post I mentioned a show in 2007 with Ian Love and Fionn Regan. I thought that I should post one of my favorites by him. "Be Good or Be Gone" is the first song on "The End of History." I am a sucker for a great melody and this song has great...

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Scott Walker – 30th Century Man

Scott Walker – 30th Century Man

Scott Walker is a legendary musician and songwriter who has been making music for over five decades. His career began in the 1960s as the lead singer of the popular band The Walker Brothers, but he soon ventured out on his own to pursue a solo career. One of his most...

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Ian Love – The Only Night

Ian Love – The Only Night

I have been listening to this song for a while now and it is just one of those songs. The composition is fantastic, the melody sticks in my brain for days and the lyrics/wordplay are clever enough. It has been out for a while, since 2005. According to the MySpace...

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