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Gnome – Wenceslas

I happened upon this band / song.

“Wenceslas”, the second video taken from Gnome’s album “King” on Polderrecords.
Music by Gnome – Facebook

Recorded & Mixed at Rockstar
Recordings by Frank Rotthier – Mastered by Larsson Mastering
Video by Rutger Verbist

Just listen to that riff. It just rocks.

Despite its humble name, Gnome delivers a powerful musical experience by blending irresistible hooks with thunderous guitars, drums, and bass, while also incorporating adventurous twists. This unique combination results in a satisfying blend of stoner, prog, and hard rock.

Following the success of their 2018 debut album, “Father of Time,” which showcases their ability to layer riffs like LEGO bricks, Gnome has taken their live shows to stages all over Europe, earning a reputation for their electrifying performances. With their second album, “King,” the Antwerp-based power trio has set the bar even higher. They sound even bigger and heavier, featuring more vocals (including a special guest appearance by Oskar Logi from The Vintage Caravan), all while maintaining their focus on finding the perfect riff.

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