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Mega Millions Results

So in a previous post, I used ChatGPT to write a lottery number simulator/chooser. It is set to a low number of iterations now, but when I ran it through to actually choose the numbers I was going to play, I let it iterate 30 million times per choice. So the number frequencies were in the 70,000 – 72,000 range per number. The top 5 “regular” number because the 5 “regular” ball and the 6th number became the “mega” ball.

See the original post and script here.

So, these are the numbers that came out of the process.

So, with my numbers in hand I went to a local grocery that sells lottery tickets and used the provided form and pen, which was chained to the desk, to fill in all of the little circles. My plan was $20 on my numbers and $20 on the numbers generated by the lottery machine’s software.

The Results

So without further ado, here are the winning numbers from the $1.4Bn jackpot drawing on Friday the 13th of January, 2023.


When I was filling in the circles I thought two things were curious:

  • There were a lot of sequential numbers, If I were choosing “random” numbers off of the top of my head, I would not do that. But the winning numbers had 45 and 46, not to mention the 43 in there as well
  • In the MegaBall position there were (3) eights and (2) fourteens. Which is interesting because the winning MegaBall was actually a 14!

As far as the $20 head to head challenge goes:

My numbers won $4 with the (2) fourteens in the MegaBall position and match (2) other spots total, not in the same row.

The lottery machine number generator won $4 with (2) fourteens in the MegaBall position and matched (4) other number spots, not in the same row.

So, a tie, monetarily speaking.


It was a fun project to get into the programming codex of GPT AI. I may use it again if the jackpot gets big enough and try a round 2. The results were about what I expected. There are so many number combinations that can occur that I think I would need to process each pick in the trillions of iterations, and even then, I doubt the results would vary much.

So, someone in Maine (who is still unknown as I write this) has won the jackpot. I wonder what they used to choose their numbers.

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